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United Kingdom
I'm 20, live in South East England and have been cosplaying since 2009. Although I started making them in 2010, but you will only really find pictures of those from 2011 onwards since I improved and am slightly ashamed of my previous cos-fails :c carestomuchaboutwhatpeoplethink.jpeg
All the cosplays I've done since then can be found on my cosplay island, and if you are unlucky enough to have me on facebook then you will get spammed with pictures of my progress. I made one of those facebook fan page thingies so that the progress folders are public but not connected to my personal so if anyone is interested/bored enough to check them out I have them linked back to each folder under each deviation. I won't post it hear as I don't plan on pimping it out as a fanpage. Just somewhere I can dump my progress pics publicly lol

Although cosplay consumes most of my free time I also do Irish Dance and am a proud member of The Celtic Colleens as seen in the Semi-finals of Britain's Got Talent 2011!
Well hey there~

So last week I mentioned that I something exciting coming up, yes?
Well that just happened to be my Christmas present from my Dad which was tickets to see the musical WICKED at the Victoria Apollo Theatre in London!! He purchased 6 tickets so that my sister, my dad and I could all go and take one other. So naturally I took my boyfriend! Although he had already seen it on Broadway so I am major jelly!
Cameron and I went up to London to meet some friends for Lunch at my favourite restaurant around the corner from Trafalgar Square be for heading around to Goldhawk road to grab some material (Sadly for my mother and not myself ;___; I'm too poor to afford cosplays right now.) at about 5pm we headed back to Victoria station to meet up with My Dad and his friend Amanda for a drink before going to dinner at 6. My Sister had work that day so her and her boyfriend missed dinner and just met us in the theatre.
I didn't get a program as I already have one at home.... yes... it's not the first time I've seen WICKED... in fact... it's my 4TH!! Do you see why this is so exciting for me?
The only problem in not buying a program is not knowing of any cast changes, but thankfully Amanda bought one. There were four cast changes. We had an understudy for Galinda, as well as Madam Morrible, the Wizard and Doctor Dillamond. I wasn't too keen on the Galinda, she certainly had a wonderful voice but you could tell she was struggling on a couple of songs (Popular in particular) and she did mess up a couple of her lines in a noticeable way, but that's just me being picky xD However I thought the understudy Wizard was just fantastic! Even better than when I've previously seen it! Despite the fact he didn't actually get to finish a key sentence, haha. Elphaba was just phenomenal, such a powerful beautiful voice! I'll be honest and say I cried many times throughout, mainly on her songs c': Deifying Gravity was just superb, although I couldn't help giggle a bit at the lines ' As someone told me lately: "Everyone deserves the chance to fly!" ' because that's what the Wizard is supposed to say... but he didn't get the line out (⌒▽⌒)ノ
Still, despite a few hick-ups it was fantastic and I really want to see it again *____*
After the show Amanda wanted to get her program signed, so we waited by the stage door. After we got signatures from both Elphaba and Galinda we headed back to Wetherspoons for a drink... only for Galinda to be in there xD

It was such an amazing day~ It would be a dream to get the chance to go backstage and look at all the costumes! I really want to make some of them *o*

But anyway!! That's enough boasting from me xD


Click here for my facebook-page-thingy if any you are interested in progress pictures etc

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